My name is Mandy Peltier, and I am a colored pencil artist who lives and works in Northeast, Ohio. I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and was a corporate trainer before marrying my husband, Chris, and moving overseas.  I grew up with a father who is a professional photographer.  He taught me the ins and outs of using a camera, and I grew up assisting him at weddings and other events.  While living overseas and looking for a transient career, it should come as no surprise that I chose to become a portrait photographer.   I was a portrait photographer for years before taking what was supposed to be a brief hiatus in 2015 to focus on bonding and caring for my newly adopted son.   Prior to this time, I had really only used acrylics and watercolors whenever I had free time to create art.  I don’t remember what provoked or inspired this, but one day while my son was napping, I decided to try out the box of Prismacolor Premier colored pencils that had been sitting on a shelf unopened and collecting dust.  It was love at first try, and as a result, my artistic focus shifted from photography to colored pencil art.  Photography, however, is still a big part of my life and has a pivotal role in my process of creating colored pencil art because I like to use my own photo references as much as possible.  While colored pencil is a time intensive medium, I love how detailed you can get with pencils, their versatility, how portable and clean they are compared to other media, and I absolutely love how much completed works look like a painting.  As a colored pencil artist, my desire is to portray the subjects I draw in such a way that they cause the viewer to pause and see the beauty in what is too often taken for granted or never noticed.  When I am not creating art or teaching an art class, I enjoy going to church and growing in my relationship with Christ, spending time with my family, working out, crocheting, sewing, reading, drinking coffee, gardening, tapping my maple tree and making syrup, and spending time with friends.