Mandy accepts a very limited number of commissions each year.  Her availability and the timeline for completion depends on her current workflow and any deadlines that she is working under.  Please plan on an approximate lead time of 4-6 months if you are interested in hiring Mandy for a commission.

Due to the time it takes to create a colored pencil drawing, Mandy generally works from a photo reference rather than from life.  Mandy prefers to take photo references for commissions herself so that it has her artistic “signature” on it from start to finish and to ensure the overall composition reflects and is consistent with her artistic style and voice.  If that is not possible due to distance or for other reasons, Mandy must approve the desired photo reference, she must have permission to use the photo, and it must be high resolution, in focus, and have good, even lighting.

Commission prices do not include matting, framing, or shipping.  Mandy charges by the square inch, and her rate for 2022 is $7.00.  As an example, an 8×10 drawing has 80 square inches, so the commission cost would be $560 (80 x 5.00 = 560).  50% of the total commission price is due before Mandy will start the commission work, and the remaining 50% plus the shipping cost is due upon its completion and before the artwork can be shipped.  As an example, an 8×10 drawing would require a deposit of $280, and the remaining $280 plus the shipping cost would be due upon completion of the commission.

After Mandy agrees to a particular commission with the client, a commission contract and terms form will need to be signed and dated by both Mandy and the client.  To review the commission contract and terms form, you can download it here.  This form is available to view for the purpose of transparency for the commission process only and does not need to be completed until after Mandy has agreed to undertake the commission, has approved the photo reference, and has given the client a completion date.

The above information is for colored pencil commissions only.  If you are interested in hiring Mandy to create a commission using a different medium, please contact her to discuss this option.  If you are interested in hiring Mandy for a colored pencil commission or have additional questions about the commission process, please fill out the information below and she will respond as soon as possible: